Have you ever experienced this issue before or experiencing it now?


Don’t worry your self, just come down to Apple Mania and let the professionals take care of it.


This issue is to do with your hard drive, there are many possibilities for the reasons why this has popped up, but the most common reasons are:

-Hard drive failure, not working, so needs replacing

-Hard drive flex not working or damaged, so needs replacing

-Operating system needs to be reinstalled. 


These jobs can be turned around within 24/48 hours, and while the device is opened, there is always the possibility that you might want a larger hard drive or to install a SSD hard drive if you have a SATA hard drive already in place, the SSD drive will make your device perform a lot better and quicker. 


Need some more help? Not to worry, just give us a call or email and we would be more than happy to help you the best that we can.