iOS 13 & iPad OS 13


Apple has its huge WWDC developer conference kick off on Monday. The company took the wraps off iOS 13. 


29/7/19, Apple released developer Beta 5 of iOS 13, iPadOS and tvOS 13. The build is likely to be released as Public Beta 4 in the next day or two. Beta 5 will allow you to adjust the home screen icon grid on an iPad and removes the Automations tab in the Shortcuts app.


New Features 


·       Dark Mode.There will be new dark backgrounds, notifications and widgets. All Apple apps you use will have the new colours and dark backgrounds. Third-party developers will probably be quick to support this.

·       Better performance.Apple has been continuing their work from iOS 12 to speed up everything you do on your iPhone and iPad. They say Apple Face ID unlocks 30% quicker. Apps will be packaged differently; making app downloads 50% smaller and updates 60% smaller. Allow apps to launch up to twice as fast.

·       iPadOS.You can pin widgets to your home screen, easily browse and swipe through multiple slideover apps. Multiple split-view “desktops” is an Apple update, it allows you to run multiple windows of the same app, e.g. multiple Mail windows or two Word windows side-by-side. The Files app gets SMB support, shared iCloud folders; supports USB thumb drives and native zip and unzip support. And there are lots, lots more, which is the reason why Apple brought out iPadOS instead of updating the iPads to iOS 13.  

·       New Siri.A new voice system called “Neural Text To Speech”. This means instead of stitching together pieces of sounds to form words, the new system uses a neural network to generate the voice in software. This allows smoothing out complex words and sounds a lot more natural. Siri shortcuts is now built into the OS, instead of downloading form the App Store, it will use machine learning to creature suggested automations for your common tasks. 

·       CarPlay.A new dashboard, showing your map on one side and useful buttons on the other side, so you can see messages, controls music and other useful information without hopping around apps.

·       Airpods Feature.The update allows Siri to read messages to you as they come in and you can reply instantly without having to trigger Siri. You will be able to share audio with a second person that is using Airpods. You can watch videos or listen to the same music together. You can initiate this by tapping the phones together. 

·       Additional Privacy.A new thing called “sign in with Apple”, which is similar to “sign in with Facebook” which is a button you see in so many apps. This makes it easy for you to sign up without making new accounts. Difference being that Apple doesn’t share loads of personal information and track your data. Apple can ether allow you to give your personal email to the service or they will randomly generate a new one for you on the spot, so the service never actually gets your real email address. And you can delete these random temporary addresses whenever you want.