The iPhone 11


Please not that Apple have not given out any official news about the new iPhone, but the rumour mill is already starting to give us a better picture of what we should expect from Apples latest hand set. 




Obviously Apples new iPhone will be shipped with iOS 13. 


There are a lot of rumours stirring that there will be a triple camera system. We believe that the iPhone 11 Max, like the XS Max will feature a triple rear camera system and the updated iPhone XR should hopefully be upgrade from a single camera system to a dual camera system. How ever people have mentioned that the iPhone 11 5.8” will not receive the same camera upgrade as the iPhone 11 Max, it may be sticking to just a dual camera system. So guess we will have to just wait and find out.



Power share is thought to arrive to the new iPhones, so you can wirelessly charge an Apple Watch or Air Pods. So with this being said, will the new battery for the iPhones have a better life span to match for the power share feature?


The screens seem to be staying the same, the iPhone 11 and Max to use an OLED display and the update XR to use a LCD to save money. But we expect Apple to make a change next year (2020) as they may be changing the sizes to 5.42-inch, 6.06-inch and 6.67-inch.


The iPhone 11 hopefully should be using the A13 chip. How the chip is being spoken about and planned, we should expect the same kind of transistor count as the latest iPad Pro models.




We believe that the price for the device will be similar to price of the current iPhone models. We expect Apple to see the storage capacity to start at 64GB with optional extras to upgrade to 256GB and 512GB. We don’t think they will bring out a 1TB option. 


Release date:


If it is following the normal routine. Apple will announce the new iPhones in September and then 2 weeks after the release date they will go on sale.