Apple Card


Even though Apple have not announced about bringing the Apple Card to the UK as of yet. But according to a Patently Apple report, apple have applied for the card trademarks in Europe and Hong Kong 


However Apple has slowly began the initial deployment of the new credit card in the US. They have been sending out email invites to the people whom have signed up to be ‘notified’ that the card was indeed available. So a larger public launch should be due later this month.


Apple have partnered with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard to create their new credit card. They are promising no annual fees, over-the-limit fees or late fees. The sign-up and management of the card will be handled through the Wallet app.


They are also offering a cashback scheme. Where you will be offered 3% back on purchases directly from Apple, 2% on purchases made using Apple Pay and 1% on purchases made with the physical titanium card. They cashback amount will be put back into your account everyday through a feature Apple are calling “Daily Cash”. 


The app is also where you will find the cards information, like the 16-digitiser credit card number. But the account will actually have 2 card numbers, one for the physical card and one for the digital. 


So, the physical card. It will be made from titanium and will have a simple traditional design. The card will be available so that even if companies don’t accept Apple Pay, you can still use your Apple Credit Card. The front will display your name, the standard EMV chip and Apples logo, while the back will show the Goldman and MasterCard logos. If you just tap your phone against the NFC sleeve, the titanium card will display a pop-up on your iPhone, which will allow for quick activation. 


If you lose your card or it is stolen, then its not too worry, because by logging into your iCloud, you will have access to freeze or remove the payment card method, which will mean the card is useless. 


These are all features with the card being released in the US. But we can expect it to be similar if it was to be released in to the UK.