Google Photos


Yes, most people do back up their iPhone through iCloud. But there are times when you forget to set it up, forget to back up or you have no used up all your free allotted iCloud storage. Yes you can buy more iCloud storage to make life abit easier, or you can download Google Photos and back up your images to this application. 



1.    First you will need a Google account

2.    Too install, just pop over to the app store and download “Google Photos”. When downloaded, open up the application.

3.    You will need to allow Google Photos to access all your Photos. 

4.    Then it is up to you whether or not you want notifications. 

5.    Now you have the option to Back Up & Sync, which is what you want to do. They will allow you to choose what image quality to save it as.


-       If you would like free unlimited photos and video storage, then Google Photos will have to compress the files. Saying this, the compression quality is rather good, so not much will be missed.

-       You are allowed to save the original quality, but then you are back to the same scenario as iCloud where you hit the free storage capacity. 


Then log in with your Google account and you can access your images. 



Google Photos will save all the photos you take on your iPhone. If you edit an image on the Apple Photos app, Google Photos will save the edited version as a new image. If you delete an image from Apple Photos app, it may not delete it from Google Photos. If you delete it from Google Photos, it will ask if you want to remove it from your iPhone as well. Now and again you may want to do a manual back up, by going on to the Google Photos up and backing up.