Unofficial iPhone Battery Replacement 



Apple has now released dormant software within the iOS operating system. When it is there attempt to shut down “unofficial iPhone battery replacements”


This means that unless an Apple Genius has replaced the battery or an Apple authorized service provider, who can authenticate a battery to the phone. Then the battery health section will not work. Ether it will say that your battery needs servicing or a message saying, “unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery”.


These messages will show even if a 3rdparty uses an original Apple fully working battery from one iPhone and put it into another, unless Apple them selves have authenticate the battery to the phone, then the battery health section will not work. 


A replacement battery by a 3rdparty repair shop will still work perfectly fine, will still hold charge, will still turn your phone on. But it is just your battery health section will not work. Which in many cases away from the Apple iPhone, a lot of android phones don’t even have the battery health check option.


Currently this only effects iPhone XR, XS and XS Max users, but we think that Apple will later run this on all Apple devices.


We believe that Apple is not doing this directly to stop 3rdparties repairing devices. They are doing it to break the trust between a 3rdparty repair shop and the customer. Because if a repair shop replaces a battery and the customers phone still says battery service, it will make the customer think, that the 3rdparty repair shop has ether lied about the battery they are using or have lied that they have not replaced it at all. 


But at the end of the day, it is your phone, you bought it, so you own it, and you should be able to fix it.