iOS 13 inviting new security features


Apple has been trying really hard to differentiate itself from Facebook and Google as they say they are a tech company that care about your privacy.


Apple is responding to the Siri incident where apparently, external contractors were listening to Siri requests.


Here are the top five security improvements coming to the new iOS operating system.


Alerts will be sent when apps are tracking your location


There have been problems where apps where tracking your location in the background. The new iOS will now pop up with a reminder about which apps are tracking you and how many time this has happened. You will also get shown a map of where you have been tracked, along with the option to allow or limit it.


Apps will not be aloud to run VOIP in the background


A big security feature is Apple will not let applications like Facebook or WhatsApp run in the background, these apps claim they need to run in the background so they can connect calls quicker, but they are also collecting information on what you are doing with your device.


Apples new sign in


Any app that now requires you to sign in, must offer Apples new option, which allows users to have a private email generated to protect their privacy.


Allow location just once


This features helps with apps that ask access to your location. The new feature allows you to let the app access your location just once, stopping apps from tracking you in the background.


Prevent or limit Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tracking


Apple is preventing apps to track you via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Some apps need access to Bluetooth to connect to your phone, however others don’t and now they will need to ask for your consent.