Apple Arcade


Realising today is the Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is a monthly subscription App that will allow you to unlimited access to 100+ new games.


This service cost £4.99 a month but comes with one free month trail too see what you think too it.


We all know the most annoying thing about playing games, is the adverts that pop up and you have to watch them for 10,20, 30+ seconds and it just starts to become irritating. Luckily with the Apple Arcade, it is completely ad-free and there are no additional purchases necessary which will let you play your game and not be interrupted.


Best thing is, the Apple Arcade allows you to share our subscription with up to 5 family members, so you don’t need to get separate subscription, you can share one.


If you start playing your game on one device, for example your iPhone, and you feel like you want to play on a larger screen, like your iPad, you can pick up your iPad and still continue to play the same game as you were on your iPhone.


If you are going somewhere with bad WI-FI or bad cellular connectivity, then you can download that games you would like to play and play them off-line.


Apple has worked hard on personal data privacy security, so they now allow you the option to share your personal data or not with applications.


And for those parents that use screen time or parental controls for their children, the Apple Arcade still allows you to use it.  


The Apple Arcade is being released today, so you don’t have too wait long to view what they have too offer or pop over to the Apple website and see some of the games they are introducing.