iOS 13 Features




You can now optimise charging. If you go into Settings, Battery, Battery Health and turn on Optimized Battery Charging. Then your phone will charge to 80%, then only finish the last 20% when you need it, like before your morning alarm, this helped preserve your battery health.


Downloading Apps:


Apple used to limit 200MB for apps and iOS updates to download, with iOS 13; they now give unlimited data plans, allowing you to update away from a Wi-Fi network.




They have now made available in iOS 13, swipe typing, and a feature that’s been available with third-parts apps but now has come to iOS 13




An improve search on messages allow your to search within individual conversations.




News In Stocks, News+ is now a subscription that allows people to read relevant business news directly in the Stocks app.




You can now silence callers, if you go into Settings, then Phone. You can select “Silence Unknown Callers”. Which means Unknown callers are sent straight to voicemail.




You can now share folder of notes rather than just individual notes with friends and colleagues.




-If you select your phone layout to be Dark Mode, then Safari will automatically adjust to it.

- Safari will now warn you if you choose a weak password.

- If you now take a screenshot, you can open the preview box and find “Full Page” option, which allows you to capture the full page.

- Safari will now allow you to switch the default download location for files aware from icloud drive, If you would like to sore them locally on your device.




Live photos and videos will now automatically play as your screen through the Photos app. Also the app will not intelligently remove duplicated photos and screenshots from view.


Siri & Apple Maps:


There are now improved spoken directions, so it will tell you to turn left at the next traffic lights, not turn left in 500 feet.




If you want to quickly undo what you just types, then swipe right with three fingers.