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Replacement GPU chip. 



- Device crashes

- Black Screen

- Coloured lines

- Loud fan noises

- Artifacting 


For the MacBook Pro Retina 15", please give us a call, due to the chipsets are sometimes unavailable.



-We offer free postage so you can pre pay for your device and simply drop it in.

-If you are sending the device into us, then there will be a minimum charge of £22.95 for the device to be returned. (Charges may vary depending on location)

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Compatible Devices
MacBook Pro 15" Early 2008
MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011
MacBook Pro 15" Late 2008
MacBook Pro 15" Late 2011
MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2009
MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2010
MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2012